PSA: The path to $80k months isn’t paved with “hustle”
You CAN take on 10, 20, even 50 more clients without doubling your workload. 
(Hint: It’s all about HOW you’re currently running your business)
Watch the video below to learn more...
  •  Go from “I’m drowning and burned out” to “I got this. I’m in control and thriving”
  •  End the pattern of chaos in your business so you’ll be able to take your hands off the wheel without the business crashing and burning
  •  Take back control of your calendar, quit working around the clock, and start spending your time on the stuff you actually WANT to do
  •  Stop worrying about client satisfaction or quality control. KNOW that clients will be raving about your service and getting results, because of the systems and structure you have in place
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Tons of work. Too many calls. Zero free time. Endless to do list. Constant notifications.
Less work, more results. More free time. Little to no notifications or calls.
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Here’s what clients have been able to achieve by working with Reach and Make Millions®
I'd already been in business for several years, but... it just felt like a big jumbled mess, even though it was functional, like a hot functioning mess... After our work together, I had the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. I had the structure and the systems that I needed to be able to scale into seven figures.

- Rachel Luna,
This mastermind has been completely unparallelled. I’ve never seen anything like this in terms of the amount of care and attention to detail. I’ve always winged it, and that’s worked up until this point, but it’s not what’s going to get me to 7-figures.

I've been working with Katya for about a year now in the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator. 

By working with her, I was able to put some organization into my business... So that way I didn't need to be the person doing every single thing in the business. 

I could actually bring in people to take care of different aspects, so that I could do what I wanted to do... Which wasn't just sitting in front of a computer all day every day!

- Jayden Maharaj, Axis Marketing and Digital Muvmnt
Katya Sarmiento is one of these people who shouldn't exist. She doesn't make sense, but in the best possible way… Katya is really good at systems and super friggin’ smart… But at the same time, she is totally connected to her emotions and who she is spiritually. 

- Michael Cinquino,
I can rely on Katya to be the problem solver: the person who's going to say "okay, this is xyz that's happening, here's the solution," and breaking the solution down to the easiest steps humanly possible so that I instantly feel less overwhelmed, well taken care of, understood, heard... the whole nine yards.

- Meghan Maydel, Maydel Media
As much as I 'love' smashing my head up against the wall, learning things the hard way... I don't. In about an hour, Katya punched through a bunch of challenges.

- Eric Michael Collins, Compounding Success
Thanks to Katya’s encyclopedic knowledge of technical online business, combined with her strategy and genuine care, I went from no online business or email list to a list with 1,000 people and launched an online course - in only 2.5 months!

- Michael Cinquino,
I started working with her at a time in my business when I was really stressed... I feel a lot more relieved and confident around the direction things are going... I feel fortunate, I feel like I'm on a real trajectory to grow the business and to scale it and to get it to the point where it's not just an agency, it's an asset.

- Steven Perchikov, Art of Sales Academy
When I came into the program, it was on the back of a record month. While our business didn't break, it was about to... our systems were a disaster. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for your help.

- Mark Firth,
My thought process was always "okay, some of this stuff is too complicated to systematize... By the time I teach someone I might as well just do it because it's random tasks that come up here and there..." But after working with them I was able to systematize things that I didn't originally think I would be able to create systems out of! 

I'm finally going to be able to start offloading some of those tasks, and I'm not going to have to worry about someone not doing a good job, because of how detailed the systems that we've built out are... it's really helping me and my team move forward.

- Sema Erzouki,
It's not just about systems. 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator is about caring about the business owner, the CEO. I highly recommend it to anybody who feels stressed, burnt out, or like their business is crushing them and they're not growing from their business

- Leon Brown, Customer Mojo
Because Katya Sarmiento thinks in systems, she automatically systematizes your whole life just by being in it… 
Katya effortlessly points out where connections need to be made and how things can be easier without you feeling like she's preaching to you.

- Avery Ford,
Katya is always coming up with new ideas on how we can make things better, how they can be more efficient, or change it up and make it automated.

Rachael Lowe, Copy And Community
I was the most disorganized business owner in the world... Katya Sarmiento saved me hundreds of hours so I can focus on my business and not the things I’m weak at and would take up all of my time.

- Jess Guidroz,
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Setting up systems was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew I needed to do it, but it was like looking at this giant mountain like “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this” and it was very overwhelming. Katya setting me up with those systems totally gave me all green lights. Since then, based on the systems Katya helped me with, I’ve generated almost $50k in 3 months. I was making about $5k a month before... you do the math. I can't imagine how I ever operated beforehand.

- Ben Perry, Organic Marketing Secrets
Incredible, life-changing value. Katya really takes an artisan, curated approach to how YOU want to run your business and aligns you with the systems that will best fit your life and how you want to structure things. If she can support businesses that are 8 and 9 figures, chances are she can support yours as well. Usually when someone is an expert with systems, they just put you with the system that they're most comfortable with versus the one that's gonna' be best for you.

- Lechon Kirb, Of Course
I thought I was effective beforehand, turns out I wasn't. I felt like I was on a treadmill that never stopped. Katya is a highly effective human being. She's a machine. Among the best I've ever seen. The return on time invested was very high.

- Jonathan Green,
On the other side of systems is... relief, freedom, and profit. And Katya makes it easy to do this.

- Avery Ford,
A lot of entrepreneurs just give themselves a job instead of actually building a business... A job that stresses you out! If you're reactive and working 70-80 hours and you're just all over the place, you don't have freedom. 

Before working with Katya, I was just running around all over the place... I wouldn't have been able to even imagine what my business would look like if it wasn't for Katya.

- Jayden Maharaj, Axis Marketing and Digital Muvmnt
Systems is definitely a long process but it's been exciting to take everything I've been doing and break down the strategy behind it. 

Everyone in the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator group is awesome... Being able to bounce ideas off of each other is amazing... Someone from the outside can see a hole that you might not see. If you're thinking of joining... don't think twice about it. I've bought a bunch of courses, but no one really teaches this kind of stuff.

- Sema Erzouki,
I just wanted to live a little bit without losing the growth of my business. I had a month off and the business survived... now that I know that... maybe I'll just do that twice a year, where I take a month off... because why the hell not!

- Katya Varbanova, Peri10k
"Katya Sarmiento is a badass systems person that you need on your side."

- Ben Perry, Organic Marketing Secrets
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